A customised programme designed to accelerate female leadership

WomanUp has developed an innovative, high impact Female Leadership Programme for mid-career females, which provides them with the insights, skills and confidence to progress to leadership roles.

The programme aims to increase the number of females in the leadership pipeline and in the process support businesses to achieve their gender targets.

There is growing evidence that without early stage interventions, and programmes and other interventions that are specifically tailored for females, businesses will continue to struggle to rebalance their leadership teams.

The WomanUp Female Leadership Programme has its genesis in:

  • Two years of research into the barriers to female leadership

  • A pilot programme which we ran to test a hypothesis about female career advancement

  • An extensive consultation process with business leaders and prospective participants. 

Programme objectives 

Without understanding their default behaviours and their innate styles, females will continue to limit their leadership ambitions.  Our message to females undertaking this programme is “own your ability but flex your management style.”  

In other words, females should be confident in who they are and what they offer as females in corporate life. However, to move up the leadership ladder, they must also recognise that at times they may need to flex their “natural” leadership style to have better impact in what is a predominantly male corporate culture.

The WomanUp Female Leadership Programme aims to:

  • Develop participants’ self-awareness

  • Challenge them to make a step change in their careers

  • Boost their confidence and their leadership skills

  • Create career plans, with both professional and personal goals

  • Provide a support structure for participants, both within the company and in the broader business community

Core modules

Programme content revolves around five core modules


  1. Setting myself up for success: this module enables participants to craft a career plan and to identify both professional and personal goals.  It provides the clarity on what they want to achieve – and what they need to get there

  2. Enhancing my leadership impact: participants get to understand their current leadership impact and what specific behaviours they need to work on to become more effective

  3. Managing mid-career challenges: this module aims to build resilience and demonstrate how to successfully manage the achievement of their leadership ambitions with other aspects of their non-work life

  4. Developing my personal brand: participants explore the components of their personal brands, how that can be used to underpin their behaviours, how to maximise relationships and network authentically.

  5. Developing my business acumen:  this module supports participants to hone their leadership skills and apply the learnings from the programme in their day-to-day roles.

Implementation and support

WomanUp firmly believes that simply facilitating a series of workshops will not achieve the type of results either our clients, or the participants themselves, want.  So, we:

  • Involve the C Suite, Line Managers and others within the business in planning the programme and in advocating for the career advancement of females within the business

  • Design and develop support structures for the participants, including sponsors and either internal or external coaches

  • Train coaches, Line Managers and others in supporting the participants to follow through on their career plans, embed new behaviours into their day to day roles and achieving “stretch” goals

  • Evaluate all aspects of the programme to ensure it meets strategic business objectives and the expectations of the participants.

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