External experienced mentors draw on real-life experiences

The mentoring relationship is central to the WomanUp programme.  Mentoring services can also be provided by WomanUp as stand-alone assignments. We establish, manage and monitor mentoring programmes utilising our panel of external mentors. 

We also recognise that some companies may prefer to develop their own internal mentoring programmes.  WomanUp can support internal mentoring by:

  • Helping clients to establish an internal programme

  • Selecting and training internal mentors

  • Monitoring and evaluating internal programmes

Importance of mentoring

Most senior executives and successful business people openly recognise the support and guidance they received from a mentor at important stages in their careers. Many will say that an engagement with a mentor acted as a trigger to make a significant change in their life and in the career choices they made.

Research tells us that women in particular benefit from mentoring.  They value what is termed the “personal reflective space” which the mentoring sessions provide – the quiet time away from work and family commitments to reflect and consider the options with the help of an experienced advisor. Successful mentoring brings mutual benefits for mentees, mentors and employer businesses.

How our mentors work

From our panel of highly successful experienced senior female leaders, WomanUp matches mentors and mentees using a range of criteria that delivers the most successful outcomes for the mentor/mentee relationship.  By providing advice drawn from real-life experiences, mentors make a significant difference to the career prospects of the mentees.

In addition to their depth of business experience, WomanUp mentors have strong communications skills, empathy and the ability to listen – these are all crucial skills for mentors. Typically during the mentoring sessions over the course of a year, the mentor will provide invaluable guidance while constructively challenging the mentee to push beyond her comfort zone. 

Benefits to mentees

The benefits achieved by the mentees are significant and include:

  • Gaining clarity in relation to their professional goals and aspirations

  • The opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience of more senior individuals

  • Gaining fresh perspectives on their career choices and work/life balance issues

  • Learning new approaches and skills and putting them into practice

Benefits to businesses

For the employer business, mentoring also yields significant benefits:

  • Access to external experience to help guide high potential employees

  • Building the skills and confidence of employees

  • Expanding the talent pool from within the business for possible promotion

  • Helping to address the loss of talent within their businesses

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