Integrated services designed to effect systemic change

WomanUp provides an integrated set of services which unlock female talent for better business performance. 

Our services have been developed based on extensive research into the barriers to female leadership and the type of systemic change needed to grow female leadership pipelines within businesses. This research resulted in a simple change model. If the three levers in the model work in symmetry, this will enable greater female participation to happen across all stages of the leadership pipeline:

  • Leadership: WomanUp enables business leaders to develop, articulate and champion strategies for developing leadership talent. We also support them through facilitation and providing strategic guidance on governance, communications and measurement.

  • Culture: WomanUp supports businesses to identify the cultural blockages within their businesses and then help to overcome them, so creating the type of culture that allows women to excel.

  • Females: WomanUp has developed innovative Female Leadership Programme which addresses the known barriers to female advancement and equips early and mid career women with the knowledge, tools and skills to progress to more senior roles.

Our suite of inter-connected services, under the three levers of the model is customised to meet the very specific needs of clients and the stage they are at on the journey to achieving better gender diversity.  Learn more about these core services:

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